We’re donating $1k USDC per week to animal rescue!

Square Cats Club will be donating $1k in USDC per week until the end of 2021 to Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit that is working to save the lives of cats and dogs all across America. We love animals, and our team wants to ensure that we do our part in giving back to help out our furry friends as much as we can!


Here’s our first donation transaction! We’ll also be tweeting each week our donation transaction so that you can follow along:


For reference, you can find the Best Friends Animal Society ERC20 wallet address on their website: https://bestfriends.org/donate/other-ways-give/crypto-currency-donations (ERC-20 wallet: 0x897fe74d43CDA5003dB8917DFC53eA770D12ef71)

We encourage you to join us in donating to Best Friends Animal Society or any other animal charity that you like!

Why did we choose Best Friends Animal Society?

After extensive research on Charity Navigator, we decided to go with Best Friends Animal Society because, even though they do not have the highest score in the Financials category, they have a history of transparency and high marks in Leadership and Culture that we find valuable. Additionally, if you look at their history of scores, you can see that they are right at the borderline of being a top recommended charity.

Therefore, after much debate, we decided that we like what they are doing enough to forgive their recently slightly lower scores.

When compared with other leading charities such as ASPCA and Hope for Paws, we see that Best Friends Animal Society has Leadership and Culture scores, while ASPCA and Hope For Paws do not.

Another big plus is that they accept ERC20 tokens in addition to a number of other cryptoassets as well, and have a published wallet address from which anyone can verify that we are actually donating what we have stated we would donate. Therefore, as we mentioned above, we hope that you can also donate whatever amount that you are comfortable with to an animal charity that you like!




Square Cats are the fun, hip new deflationary NFTs on Ethereum! Combine 3 Square Cats to create a Square Cat Warrior!

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Square Cats Club

Square Cats Club

Square Cats are the fun, hip new deflationary NFTs on Ethereum! Combine 3 Square Cats to create a Square Cat Warrior!

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