Hey there Square Cats! We’re excited to host an AMA on our Discord this Wednesday 10/20 @ 11am PST / 2pm EST by the creator of Square Cats, 0xETHBAE. We hope you’ll join us!

Fellow Square Cats, we’re announcing a Square Cats backstory contest for our community members!

If you already have a Square Cat, choose one cat and write up a his or her backstory! If you don’t have a Square Cat yet, then feel free to write up a backstory of Square Cats Club in general!

The prize is 1 Square Cat NFT and 1 Square Cats Club hoodie (comes in male or female styles)!

Submit the backstory of your Square Cat or Square Cats Club in our Discord’s #contests channel! Winners will be announced next Saturday, 10/23! We look forward to everyone’s creative backstories!

We’d like to announce Cat Stats! Each of your Square Cats and Square Cat Warriors were actually born with a few physical stats: Strength, Defense, Health, Agility, and Intelligence. These stats may come in handy sometime in the future…

We love our Square Cats Club community and so we’re giving away 5 more Square Cat NFTs to some lucky folks out there!

One thing we’re changing about this giveaway is that we’re doing it on GiveLab instead, a fair and unbiased third party website that specializes in giveaways! GiveLab verifies that the correct actions have been taken and will choose the 5 winners automatically when the giveaway ends.

You can join in on the fun and participate via this link: https://giv.gg/xWgUfN

Good luck Square Cats fans!

Square Cats Club

Square Cats are the fun, hip new deflationary NFTs on Ethereum! Combine 3 Square Cats to create a Square Cat Warrior!

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